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Contracts Drafting & Enforcement, Complex Commercial Transactions and Litigation, 

& Partnership Disputes

Interra Law Firm handles drafting and enforcement of many types of different contracts, which are fundamental for all businesses.   Interra has worked as general counsel for many corporations over the last eight years.  We specialize in providing general counsel services to corporate clients, without the excessive overhead costs.  



Transactions and Real Estate Related Litigation

Interra offers comprehensive representation to owners and investors and developers of commercial and residential real estate. 

  • Commercial real estate transactions for purchases, sales, leases, financing, and construction.   

  • Residential real estate disputes, foreclosures, landlord tenant, title disputes, condominium/HOA disputes and enforcement, complex multi-property litigation, contract enforcement, and more. 


Owner side representation against Associations, including debt disputes

Over the years, Interra, has developed a niche for representing condominium owners in Florida to enforce their rights against Associations.  When fighting against Association, owners need attorneys that are well-versed in Association law which is complex.  Interra handles many condominium debt disputes on contingency, and has successfully cleared the Association debt from many real properties. 

Check out our Association Owner's Blog to learn more about Associations and post questions. 


Do you want to learn more about owner rights against Associations?

At Interra we regularly see owner's making costly mistakes when dealing with Associations due to lack of knowledge.  We want to help owners understand their rights. You can sign up now to be on the waitlist for our "Florida Owner's Guide to Associations" which will be released in November 2021.  The Guide will walk through the Association's governing documents, relevant statutes and case law that impact owners the most.  There have been statutory changes that all owners should know about.  The fee for the guide will be $50.00.  Click the link below to reserve your Guide!